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Lesson Plans for August 28-September 1


  Power ELA Monday Watch the “Week in Review” rap from flocabulary Together fill out a 5 Ws poster over news story of the students’ choice, and use this to write a summary paragraph. Tuesday Mobymax day–work on READING SKILLS INFORMATIONAL Wednesday Flocabulary–word up green, Unit two Watch video Choose 5 words; fill in information […]

Lesson Plans for August 21-25


  Power ELA Monday Join class Take assessment to determine vocabulary level Hand out vocabulary cards for Word-Up Green, Unit 1–go over pronunciation, morphemes, and definitions Tuesday Watch “Bottom of the ninth” As a class, complete ‘Fix the mistakes’ On own, complete ‘Pick the Winner’ Wednesday Go over vocabulary list Have students Decode words […]

Plans for August 14-18


Thursday, August 17 Reading/PreAP Reading Information Stations Power ELA Name Glyphs Friday, August 18 Reading/PreAP Reading Read “Total Solar Eclipse 2017: What Happens to Your EYes If You Look Directly at the Sun?” Practice Notice and Note Strategy Power ELA Diagnostic Test A–  

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