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Lesson Plans for October 2-6


  PreAP Monday SSR No AOW this week Gallery Walk of OMAM Posters; “I Like/I Learned…” statements page Finish up Character Archetype, theme, and Sketchnoting pages in Journal Take up novels Tuesday SSR Pass out Something Wicked This Way Comes; watch video scene of 3 weird sisters from Macbeth. Discuss allusion, and set up sketchnoting […]

Lesson Plans for September 25-29


  Reading Monday SSR Paper PassBack AOW:  “Yes, Sitting too Long Can Kill You Even if you Exercise”–Work on AOW; due Friday 8th period will take test over  Part I, Tangerine Tuesday SSR Read together “Monday, September 18”-”Tuesday, September 19” Search for Smiley Face Tricks in Tangerine Wednesday SSR Read silently:  “Wednesday, September 20”- “Friday, […]

Lesson Plans for September 18-22


  Power ELA Monday SSR Questions over Article of the Week Log in to–complete diagnostic test Tuesday SSR Watch “Presto”; complete plot diagram together Wednesday SSR Watch “Geri’s Game”; complete plot chart while guided by teacher Thursday SSR Watch “For the Birds”; complete chart diagram on own Friday SSR PreAP Monday SSR Hand […]

Lesson Plans for September 11-15


  Power ELA Monday SSR Metric Prefixes Look up definitions Arrange in order–l to g, g to l (Kittens hate dogs but do chase mice) Fill out table Tuesday SSR Discuss AOW; Answer any questions, etc. Create Metric Prefixes flash cards Arrange in order Write sentences explaining value using grams, meters, and liters Wednesday SSR […]

Important Dates to Keep in Mind


While the following dates may seem far away, they will be here before we know it.  Students wrote them in their planners yesterday, but I wanted to publish them for parents, as well.  These are activities that your child will be working on by himself/herself throughout the 9 weeks. October 13th Journal Check–I will check […]

Lesson Plans for September 4-8


  Power ELA Monday LABOR DAY HOLIDAY Tuesday Watch “5 Ways to Be Smart About OnLine Content” Read “Are These Stories True?” from “Scholastic Scope” Wednesday Complete FACT CHECK A TEXT Activity (online) Read “The Story That Got Away” Thursday Quiz over paired Texts from Tuesday and Wednesday (online) Read Library Books when finished Friday […]


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