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Lesson Plans for October 30-November 3


  Reading SSR Types of Characters in Journal/ Practice using characters from Tangerine Discuss Character Archetypes in preparation for NaNoWriMo SSR Halloween Stories SSR Skype with author–Alexander London SSR Test over Part 3 of Tangerine SSR Finish Test if needed Put answers from test into DMAC Short Story Notes PreAP SSR Review Character archetypes in […]

Lesson Plans for October 23-27


  Power ELA Monday Students will work on these Activities for the week in separate stations:: SRA Lab–go over directions (Must complete 3 with passing score in order to advance levels)–join class and discuss assignment (Roots: FAC)–6th grade Plot Practice– games using list from Add to FAC poster Choose 1 children’s […]

Lesson Plans for October 16-20


  PreAP Monday SSR Go over questions/Google Slides of Part I Test over Part I:  Arrivals of SWTWC Journal Check HW:  Chp. 25-28 BOOK BLURB DUE Tueaday SSR 9 Weeks’ Exam HW:  Chp. 29-32 AOW RESPONSE DUE Wednesday SSR Finish 9 Weeks’ Exam, if Needed HW:  Chp. 33-34 Thursday SSR Read and discuss Chp. 35-36 […]

Lesson Plans for October 9-13


  Power ELA Monday SSR Help with AOW, if needed–Continue work on 8.2–Stop at the end of 8.2 Tuesday SSR Read “The Man in the Black Suit” by Stephen King Wednesday SSR Continue reading from Tuesday Thursday SSR–Continue work on 8.2–stop at end of 8.2 Friday SSR Cut up story and glue onto […]

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