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Lesson Plans for January 29-February 2


  Reading/PreAP Reading Monday SSR Hand out AOW:  “Former NFLers Call for End to Tackle Football for Kids” Universal Screener on Tuesday SSR Go over Benchmark passage “Skies over Sweetwater” Wednesday SSR Review parts of plot in journal Discuss the butterfly effect/chaos theory Begin Reading “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury Thursday SSR […]

Early Release Day Cancelled


Due to being out for bad weather this week, the early release scheduled for Wednesday, January 24 has been cancelled.  It will be a regular school day.

Lesson Plans for January 22-26


  Reading/PreAP Reading Monday Tuesday SSR Read and discuss “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl.  Identify the dramatic irony in the story Answer questions over “Lamb to The Slaughter” SSR Read and discuss “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.  Identify examples of situational irony Answer questions over “The Lottery” Wednesday SSR Read and discuss “The […]

Lesson Plans for January 15-19


  Reading/PreAP Reading Monday MLK, JR Holiday Tuesday SSR Create Journal pages over Irony Wednesday SSR Go through and discuss examples of each type of irony on Google Slides; Add a new slide that includes an example of irony, the type of irony it is, and an explanation of why it is ironic Thursday SSR […]

Parent Letter


Your student will be bringing home a letter today which addresses guidelines we will be strictly enforcing during the new semester.  Please read and discuss it with your child.  The bottom portion is to be signed and returned by Friday, January 12th. I am attaching a copy in case yours doesn’t make it home.  Responsibility Letter […]

Important Dates for This 9 Weeks


Your students have 3 assignments that will be due at the end of this 9 weeks. Friday, February 23–Reading Response–This is a response to a part in a book that they have read for their 40 Book Challenges this 9 weeks.  It is to be completed in their journals following the guidelines I have provided […]

Lesson Plans for January 8-12


  Reading/PreAP Reading Monday Hand out AOW:  “Movie Theaters Fight Streaming by Assaulting Senses”–prepare using Thinking Notes in Journal–due Friday Continue Benchmark from Friday–put answers on DMAC Tuesday SSR–Log in and Read Watch “Elements of a Short Story” Short Story Notes–put in Journal Wednesday SSR–Log in and Read Watch Short Stories by Shmoop Finish Short […]


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