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Lesson Plans for January 14-18


  Reading/Advanced Reading Monday POTD:  “The Long Hill” by Sara Teasdale TEKS FOCUS: Compare and Contrast Poetic Forms Using “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti and “The Long Hill” by Sara Teasdale Tuesday SSR/RL POTD: “First Fig” by Edna St. Vincent Millay Rhyme Time– Watch eminem interview from 60 minutes Put notes over rhyme in journal Wednesday […]

Lesson Plans for January 7-11


  Reading/Advanced Reading Monday SSR/RL–Set up 3rd 9 Weeks’ reading Log Set up Poem of the Day Sheets–”Introduction to Poetry”  by Billy Collins Put ‘Punch It’ Notes in Journal Watch “Intro to Poetry” on shmoop Tuesday SSR/RL POTD:  “The Purpose of Poetry” by Jared Carter Poetry Term QR Codes in journal Wednesday SSR/RL POTD:  “I […]

Lesson Plans for December 17-20


Reading, Advanced, and Power Classes Monday Review for Semester Exams–all classes Tuesday (4th and 5th Period Exams) 7:55-9:15:  4th Period Exam 9:20-9:25:  2nd Period Attendance 9:30-10:50:  5th Period Exam 10:50-11:25:  Lunch 11:30-12:15:  Study Hall (go back to 4th period) Wednesday (1st, 2nd, and 6th Period Exams) 7:55-9:15:  1st Period Exam 9:20-9:25:  2nd Period Attendance 9:30-10:50:  […]

Lesson Plans for December 3-7


  Reading/Advanced Monday SSR/RL 40 Book Challenge conferences   Complete ‘pre-reading’ choice board activities over “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst Tuesday SSR/RL Begin reading “The Scarlet Ibis”–work on/complete ‘During reading’ choice board activities Wednesday SSR/RL Begin reading “The Scarlet Ibis”–work on/complete ‘During reading’ choice board activities Thursday UIL Friday SSR/RL Work on/Complete ‘After Reading’  choice […]

Lesson Plans for November 26-30


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  Here’s How to survive the zombie Apocalypse Videos over the zombie apocalypse Videos over surviving the zombie apocalypse Tuesday SSR/RL 40 Book Challenge Conferences Wednesday SSR/RL Pre-Reading Activities for “Charles”–Make a list of kindergarten rules; what makes a good kindergarten student/bad kindergarten student Begin reading “Charles” by Shirley Jackson Thursday […]

Lesson Plans for November 12-16


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  “These 5 Healthy Habits could help you Live a Decade Longer”–due Friday Read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson Tuesday SSR/RL Questions over “The Lottery” Wednesday SSR/RL Read “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl Thursday SSR/RL Questions over “LTTS” Friday SSR/RL Grade AOW Finish questions from Thursday     Advanced […]

Lesson Plans for November 5-9


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  “Social media’s Impact on Teen Mental Health comes into Focus”–due Friday Create Irony Journal Pages Tuesday SSR/RL Find and add a  meme/gif/video which shows an example of irony to our classroom presentation. Tell which type of irony it is and describe why. Wednesday SSR/RL Finish up irony notes Extra reading […]

Lesson Plans for October 29-November 2


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  “Scared Out of Your Mind”–due Friday Read and Discuss “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl Tuesday SSR/RL Questions over “The Landlady” Just for fun:  “Nightdrive” and “The Elevator” Wednesday CREEPY STORIES Early Release Thursday SSR/RL Read and discuss “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson Watch youtube video Friday Grade and Turn in […]

Lesson Plans for October 22-26


  Power ELA Monday Begin Checklist Work for the week: 1 SRA story on your level CS-First–Finish Section 2 Pass 5 passages on Actively Learn:  “Should I Kill Spiders in my Home?” Tuesday Work on Checklist Wednesday Work on Checklist Thursday Pep Rally Friday Finish Checklist Free Device Friday Advanced Monday SSR/Rl Hand out […]

Lesson Plans for October 15-19


  Reading Monday SSR/RL No AOW this week Tangerine:  “Sunday, Dec. 3”-”Sunday, Dec. 3, later” Tuesday SSR/RL Tangerine:  “Monday, December 3” through the end of novel Write on 40 Book Challenge 2x Wednesday SSR/RL Check 40 Book Challenge Test over Tangerine, Part 3 Thursday SSR/RL Journal Check Complete plot diagram over novel Friday STUDENT HOLIDAY […]

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