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Lesson Plans for October 22-26


  Power ELA Monday Begin Checklist Work for the week: 1 SRA story on your level CS-First–Finish Section 2 Pass 5 passages on Actively Learn:  “Should I Kill Spiders in my Home?” Tuesday Work on Checklist Wednesday Work on Checklist Thursday Pep Rally Friday Finish Checklist Free Device Friday Advanced Monday SSR/Rl Hand out […]

Lesson Plans for October 15-19


  Reading Monday SSR/RL No AOW this week Tangerine:  “Sunday, Dec. 3”-”Sunday, Dec. 3, later” Tuesday SSR/RL Tangerine:  “Monday, December 3” through the end of novel Write on 40 Book Challenge 2x Wednesday SSR/RL Check 40 Book Challenge Test over Tangerine, Part 3 Thursday SSR/RL Journal Check Complete plot diagram over novel Friday STUDENT HOLIDAY […]

Lesson Plans for October 8-12


    Advanced Monday   SSR/Rl AOW:  “If You Want to Be a Better Learner, Try Drawing” Discuss Chps. 8-11 Read Chps. 12-14–finish for HW Tuesday   SSR/RL Discuss Chps. 12-14 Read and discuss chps. 15-17 Wednesday   SSR/RL Discuss and review last night’s reading–Chp. 15-17 Characterization Practice HW:  SWTWC Chp. 18 Thursday   SSR/RL […]

Lesson Plans for October 1-5


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  “Attention Students:  Put Your Laptops Away”–due Friday 6A (Conflict) Practice:  “Sylvia Tree Dancer”–read and work together Tuesday SSR/RL Tangerine–”Thursday, November 2”-”Friday, November 10” Wednesday SSR/RL Read tangerine Thursday SSR/RL Read Tangerine Friday SSR/RL Grade AOW; turn in Test over Tangerine, Part 2     Advanced Monday   SSR Pass out […]

Lesson Plans for September 24-28


  Reading Monday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences AOW:  Avoid the Back-to-school Plague of Cold and flu Conflict review–create types of conflict pages in journal Tuesday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine (Wednesday, September 27-Saturday, November 4) Wednesday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Work on AOW Early Release Thursday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine Friday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine Write 3 Level 1 questions […]

Lesson Plans for September 17-21


    Reading Monday SSR/Reading Log/Novel Words Thinking Notes in Interactive Journal Article of the Week (Due Friday):  “Our Plastic Oceans” Tuesday SSR/Reading Log/Novel Words Begin Part 2 of Tangerine: read “Monday, September 18”–exit question “What did Paul’s mom do that made him feel better about being in Tangerine?” Continue looking for Smiley Face Tricks […]

Lesson Plans for September 10-14


  Reading Monday SSR/Reading Log Introduce Vocabulary Logs–Find 5 novel vocabulary words in your SSR Time and record them in your journal Read in Tangerine–Look for Smiley Face Tricks to add to chart Tuesday SSR/Novel Vocab/Reading Log 9-11 Discussion Watch “The man in the Red Bandana” Wednesday SSR/Novel Vocab/Reading Log Read in Tangerine–SFTs Thursday SSR/Novel […]

Lesson Plans for September 3-7


  Reading Monday Labor Day Holiday Tuesday SSR/Reading Log Plot Review–watch ‘Alma’ and ‘Presto’ to review Parts of plot Wednesday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Thursday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Friday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Advanced Monday   Labor Day Holiday Tuesday   SSR/Reading Log Theme Interactive Journal pages Introduction to Of Mice […]

Lesson Plans for August 27-31


  Reading Monday SSR/Sign in to reading log Begin reading tangerine–reading for the week:  read through “Friday, September 8” (1-60) Tuesday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Wednesday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Thursday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Friday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Smiley Face Tricks […]

Lesson Plans for August 20-24


  Reading Monday Set up interactive notebooks Tuesday Universal Screener Wednesday Library SSR and introduce reading log Thursday SSR/Reading Log Introduce class novel, Tangerine Begin Hyperdoc work over novel Friday SSR/Reading log Finish Hyperdoc work from Thursday   Advanced Monday Set up interactive notebooks Tuesday Universal Screener Introduce The Book Thief choice board–due August 31 […]

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