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Activities for the Week of March 30-April 3


Well, another week has gone by, and here we are again.  I hope you are enjoying your extra time off and making wise decisions.  I miss getting to be with you to actually have class, but we have to make the best of a bad situation.  With that being said, here are your activities for […]

Just a few quick notes…


I am loving getting to see all of your faces on our flipgrid! And, I had no idea that Chuck E. Cheese reuses their leftover pizza to make new pizzas! Keep telling me what you’re reading, and feel free to use your classmate’s posts as suggestions for what to read next. Your Six Word Memoirs […]

Today’s Recommendation: Patrick Stewart’s Sonnet-a-Day


Shout out to Mrs. Fritsche for calling my attention to this one. . . Remember when we read Shakespearian sonnets: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?…” Well, Patrick Stewart (from Star Trek fame) is reading a sonnet a day on Twitter during our time of social distancing and mandatory shelter in places.  You […]

Today’s Recommendation: Copy Jimmy Fallon and Write a Six-Word Memoir


Jimmy Fallon recently asked his audience to describe their quarantine experience in six words. Click here and read some of their hilarious responses, then write your own–I’ve put a link on Google Classroom for a padlet  where you can share your creativity.  Shout Out to Mrs. Kelley for teaching you about six-word memoirs and for […]

If you need a book…


If you need a book and are able to make it up to the school, I have placed a tub of books from my library beneath the table in the foyer.  I put a spiral in it, as well, so that you can “check out” the book.  Supplies are limited so only take one book […]

Today’s Recommendation: Kid History Videos


Are you looking for a little levity to brighten your otherwise boring day? Let me introduce you to Bored Shorts—a YouTube channel created by a group of lifelong friends and brothers. On this channel, you will find my favorites, Kid History–a set of videos where dads have told their childhood stories so much that their […]

Today’s Recommendation: Mental Floss


Did you know the word ‘dude’ originated in the 1800s as an insult to men overly concerned with the latest fashion trends? You would if you read Mental Floss—my favorite online magazine/blog. Mental Floss is full of interesting facts and stories that you didn’t know (or didn’t know you needed to know). You can subscribe […]

Need a Book?


Do you need a book to help you while away the hours until you can get back to school? Here is a helpful video from our librarian/media specialist, Mrs. Kelley showing you how to access free online books. If that doesn’t suit you, the Longview Public Library is open and/or has a great online collection. […]

Learning In the Time of COVID-19


Please keep an eye on Google Classroom for assignments to keep your brain sharp during our time out of school. I will be posting assignments there each week so that we don’t fall behind. And, the title of this post is an allusion to the novel, Love In the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  […]

Lesson Plans for March 2-6


  Monday SSR/RL  Drama: Begin hyperdoc over Pandora’s box Tuesday 40 Book Challenge Reading Day Wednesday SSR/RL Drama:  Complete hyperdoc over Pandora’s box Thursday SSR/RL Benchmark Review: Starting from Scratch and Homemade Hot Sauce; play Friday SSR/RL Make chains for books read and hang in hallway Highlight 40 book challenge books Board games

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