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Lesson Plans for October 8-12


    Advanced Monday   SSR/Rl AOW:  “If You Want to Be a Better Learner, Try Drawing” Discuss Chps. 8-11 Read Chps. 12-14–finish for HW Tuesday   SSR/RL Discuss Chps. 12-14 Read and discuss chps. 15-17 Wednesday   SSR/RL Discuss and review last night’s reading–Chp. 15-17 Characterization Practice HW:  SWTWC Chp. 18 Thursday   SSR/RL […]

Lesson Plans for October 1-5


  Reading Monday SSR/RL AOW:  “Attention Students:  Put Your Laptops Away”–due Friday 6A (Conflict) Practice:  “Sylvia Tree Dancer”–read and work together Tuesday SSR/RL Tangerine–”Thursday, November 2”-”Friday, November 10” Wednesday SSR/RL Read tangerine Thursday SSR/RL Read Tangerine Friday SSR/RL Grade AOW; turn in Test over Tangerine, Part 2     Advanced Monday   SSR Pass out […]

Lesson Plans for September 24-28


  Reading Monday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences AOW:  Avoid the Back-to-school Plague of Cold and flu Conflict review–create types of conflict pages in journal Tuesday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine (Wednesday, September 27-Saturday, November 4) Wednesday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Work on AOW Early Release Thursday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine Friday SSR/RL/NW/Reading conferences Read Tangerine Write 3 Level 1 questions […]

Lesson Plans for September 17-21


    Reading Monday SSR/Reading Log/Novel Words Thinking Notes in Interactive Journal Article of the Week (Due Friday):  “Our Plastic Oceans” Tuesday SSR/Reading Log/Novel Words Begin Part 2 of Tangerine: read “Monday, September 18”–exit question “What did Paul’s mom do that made him feel better about being in Tangerine?” Continue looking for Smiley Face Tricks […]

Lesson Plans for September 10-14


  Reading Monday SSR/Reading Log Introduce Vocabulary Logs–Find 5 novel vocabulary words in your SSR Time and record them in your journal Read in Tangerine–Look for Smiley Face Tricks to add to chart Tuesday SSR/Novel Vocab/Reading Log 9-11 Discussion Watch “The man in the Red Bandana” Wednesday SSR/Novel Vocab/Reading Log Read in Tangerine–SFTs Thursday SSR/Novel […]

Lesson Plans for September 3-7


  Reading Monday Labor Day Holiday Tuesday SSR/Reading Log Plot Review–watch ‘Alma’ and ‘Presto’ to review Parts of plot Wednesday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Thursday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Friday SSR/Reading Log Read in Tangerine Advanced Monday   Labor Day Holiday Tuesday   SSR/Reading Log Theme Interactive Journal pages Introduction to Of Mice […]

Lesson Plans for August 27-31


  Reading Monday SSR/Sign in to reading log Begin reading tangerine–reading for the week:  read through “Friday, September 8” (1-60) Tuesday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Wednesday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Thursday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Friday SSR/Sign in to reading log Read Tangerine Smiley Face Tricks […]

Lesson Plans for August 20-24


  Reading Monday Set up interactive notebooks Tuesday Universal Screener Wednesday Library SSR and introduce reading log Thursday SSR/Reading Log Introduce class novel, Tangerine Begin Hyperdoc work over novel Friday SSR/Reading log Finish Hyperdoc work from Thursday   Advanced Monday Set up interactive notebooks Tuesday Universal Screener Introduce The Book Thief choice board–due August 31 […]

Lesson Plans for August 16-17


  Thursday Back to School Activities Entry/Exit Abbreviated Syllabus Basic Rules Supplies One-Pagers Friday Join Google Classroom Finish one-pagers Begin setting up interactive notebook

Grade Posting Policy


Please be aware that the posting of your child(s) grades will vary according to the subject area ranging from three (3) days to two (2) weeks determined by the complexity of the assignments. Minor assignments:  1-3 days; Major assignments:  3-5 days; Major writing assignments, major projects:   10 days.  Please check your child’s teacher website for […]

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